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professional art restoration in asheville, north carolina

Painting Conservation was established in 2000 in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Owner Colin Post makes it a priority in his studio to abide by modern painting conservation standards and ethics of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC). Methods and materials used allow reversibility to guarantee that the original state of the painting is never altered or compromised. The use of museum-quality and restoration-specific materials and techniques ensure the future preservation of the pieces while adhering to the artist’s original and historical intent. 

List of Clients:
- Asheville Art Museum
- The Johnson Collection of Spartanburg, SC
- Converse College of Spartanburg, SC
- William King Regional Art Center, Abingdon, VA
- Spartanburg Museum of Art
- East Tennessee Historical Society
- Charleston Renaissance Gallery
- Black Mountain College Museum
- Brunk Auctions of Asheville, NC
- Marshall Fields V

 Treatments of Paintings By:
- Zelda Fitzgerald
- William Aiken Walker
- Elliott Daingerfield
- Alfred Hutty
- Emile Gruppe
- Samuel FB Morse
- William Frerichs
- Edouard Cortes
- William Merritt Chase
- Gilbert Gaul
- Washington Allston
- Robert Weir
- Lawrence Mazzanovich
- William H Johnson
- Martin Johnson Heade
- Gilbert Stuart

Services Provided:
- Cleaning
- Stabilization and linings of deteriorated or damaged paintings with the use of heat/vacuum table
- Paint loss compensation
- Frame repair


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